Join MCFF if you would like to learn more about fly-fishing, we do encourage you to attend our regular meetings and to become a member of the club. Annual dues are $30* per year for adults, children and young adults under 18 may be members without charge, guests pay $5 per meeting. New members (1st year) are required to join the International Federation of Fly Fishers (paid separately to the IFFF) if not already an IFFF member. If already an IFFF member, please add your IFFF membership number to the membership form. Subsequent IFFF renewal dues will be billed directly by IFFF. The Club appreciates members paying by check or cash to save the club money on credit card fees. Dues are due in February of each year.

Click here to download the PDF of our membership application.

For more information about becoming a member, please email us at


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