Member Fishing Reports

The Member Fishing Reports are the crux of what MCFF is all about: Fly Fishing!

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Aledia Tush bags two Tarpon

Aledia went out with Capt. Terry Simmons on 5/26/15 and bagged two Tarpon.  One was about #60 and the other, about #100.  Aledia is the owner of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key.  She claims hers arms are sore–Good Sore!

Aleda Tush Tarpon2Aleda Tush Tarpon



Ken & Mick fish the lights

This past month Mick Coulas and I had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Rob Gilbert. After talking with Rob, we decided on a night Snook and Tarpon trip in Sarasota Bay. When we launched from the 10th St. dock the winds were moderate and we had some shots at willing snook. Mick and I had a couple of hook ups, but ended in long line releases. As we continued fishing the lights, the winds picked up significantly. Between this and the tidal flow subsiding, the snook showed very little interest in our offerings. We decided to make a run north to fish some fresh lights. Rob put us on a mess of fish ( many in the 30+ inch size ). Unfortunately the fish continued to show a lack of interest in our offerings. Toward the end of the evening, Mick got into a couple of cooperative fish, however, the results were the same with a long line release and a break-off. On the way back to the south, we looked for some willing Tarpon. We did see a few rollers, but could not convince any of them to chew on our flies. Although the catching was slow, the evening was a tremendous success. Rob kept us entertained with his stories and jokes. We found some new and interesting lights to fish on future outings. Mick and I found Captain Rob to be extremely knowledgeable on both fishing technique and locating fish. His fly fishing equipment
is top-shelf and his boat is very comfortable. Even though the winds were howling by the end of the evening and white caps were everywhere, we stayed totally dry on our way back to the dock. If you are looking for a great day, or night of fishing, give Rob a call. You will be glad you did. (941) 224-4121.
Tight Lines,
Ken Babineau


Dusty Sprague on the St Johns River

Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass

Dusty Sprague striped bassDusty Spraugue largemouth bass-c_e



Jay Tinsky in Abaco

Jay got these bones near Turtle Cay Ferry in Abaco–DIY

Jay Tinsky boneJay Tinsky Bonefish2


Les Fulcher’s second Trip to the Amazon

Les reported a great trip to Brazil this time catching Peacock Bass, Piranha, and a few catfish.  The fly of the day was a deceiver built from glow in the dark fiber.  He said the guide cried when he lost the last one.

The Peacock Bass was 17lbs.

I recognize the catfish as a red tailed catfish (used in aquariums–if the tank is big enough).  These fish get huge.

Les Fulcher Peacock BassLes Fulcher Red Tail Catfish


Ken Babenau went to South Africa

Ken recently went to South Africa

Ken Babenau Trout


Ron Whiteley in New Zealand

Poor Ron is stuck down in New Zealand for a couple of months.

He says most of the fish are running about 6lbs–this one was about 10lbs.

Life’s tough…

Ron Whiteley Trout


Cindy McClure’s Tripletail

Some Tripletail from today.   The little guy ate my fly but Mr. BIG wanted the real thing.  16 pounds on the Boga.

Cindy McClure Tripletail1Cindy McClure Tripletail2