Fly Fishers International 

Fly Fishers International


The Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers is a charter club of the FFI–Fly Fishers International.  The FFI is made up of 200 clubs located in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  There are 15 Councils and the MCFF is a member of the Florida Council.  By Being a charter club, we are designated as 401c non-profit of the FFI.  We also are covered by their insurance policy.  The FFI assists us in the administration and filing of these policies.  The FFI also administers the Certification of Fly Casting Instructors.

The Florida Council is made up of 8 Charter and 5 Affiliate Chapters.  In the past years the Council has had a Fly Fishing Fair–the last two have been held in Crystal River, and the one in 2015 will be held in the fall at the IGFA Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale (Oct 2-3).  In 2018, the Plantation at Crystal River will again host out Fair on February 9-10.

The Florida Council was instrumental in the efforts to designate the Tarpon and the Bonefish as a protected species.  Currently it is supporting the effort of many conservation organizations to reduce the pollution of the St Lucie Canal and the Choscalosa River

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