MCFF Board of Directors

All outside contacts with the MCFF Board of Directors should be made to the club email at:

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Our Officers:

President: Ken Babineau

Vice President:Len Tavormina

Treasurer: Bob Cameron

Membership Chairman: Erik Larsen

Outings Coordinator: Al Hirsh, Ethan Massa

CCA Liaison: Capt. Rick Grassett

Web Master/Past President: Craig Smothers

Newsletter: Jay Tinsky

Other Current Board Members: Mick Coulas, Mike Tanner, Peter McKatten

Past President: Evan Jones

Past President: Capt. Pete Greenan

Past President: Bob Parker

Contact information for officers, committee chairs and directors:

Craig Smothers: (941) 266-5209 –

John Weimer: (941) 388-7883 –

Ken Babineau: (845) 242-7842 –

Capt. Rick Grassett: (941) 923-7799 –

Ethan Massa: (615) 419-8579 –

Capt. Pete Greenan:  (941) 923-6095 –